*Update 21.2: Mordor Expansion

Two new instances are out that require 200 Light of Eärendil.  It looks as though the instances are designed to be mobile and to have unavoidable critical hits from bosses.  That translates to ~ 55k - 65k critical defence and ~ 90k + morale.  The 3-man, Court of Seregost is a good instance and a good place to farm for gear and ash.  The 6-man, Dungeons of Naerband is essentially broken and unplayable - avoid for now.

There are 5 new systems to master:  1) Gorgoroth Ash - is a barter item that you acquire by "deconning" items.  The ash can then be used to purchase current BiS upgrades.  2) Signets - these are quest, deed and reputation rewards that can be bartered with the Mordor quartermasters for BiS LI relics and recipies.  3) Allegiance System - a reputation system for each race (Men, Elves, Dwarves and Hobbits) with unique story lines and rewards.  4) Mordor Shadow - a location dependent de-buff than you can counteract with "Light of Eärendil" on new gear.  And finally, 5) Superior Crafted Gear from the new Gorgoroth Crafting Vendor Quartermaster - crafted gear that has high light rating and can bridge the gap between BiS, ash gear and getting the necessary stats to succeed in the new instances.

*Kinship Crafters

Character - Kin Member
Vocation (item)
Character - Kin Member Vocation (item)
Donstall - Dave / Nilean - Nil Woodworker (T10 Essence) * Faldrien  - Glod
Woodworker (Bow)
Archmael - Dave Tailor (Light Chest & Legs) * Glodhillion - Glod
Weaponsmith (Sword)
Nealbilly - Nil Metalsmith (Heavy Chest & Legs) *

Naelean - Nil Jeweler (Rings, Earings & Necklace) *

Flamehan - Dave Scholar (Pocket) *


(updated: Sun, Oct 29, 2017)